Electrical Resistivity Meter

Electrical resistivity meter and inducedpolarization

(IP), and self-potential (SP) system, used to scan and

image thesubsurface of the earth and visualize the

results in 2D slices or 3D volumes. The fully

automated has been thoroughly 

field-tested on every extreme environment on earth.


One critical use case for the locating and drilling for

groundwater. In many rural and remote third-world 

communities, locating drinking water can be a bit of 

a guessing game and an expensive one at that. 

Drilling a dry hole costs just as much as drilling a hole 

                                                                   that produces water, so errors can be egregious.

                                                                   You are able  to make a highly educated guess 

                                                                   as to where the groundwater  is located allowing you

                                                                   to place your well in a convenient area.

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