The Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) is a rapid

in-field soil and groundwater analysis system

that can detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

and petroleum products to depths of up to

a hundred feet or more. It is deployed on a cone

penetrometer system that pushes a probe into

the ground. Portable analytical equipment allows

analysis in nearly real-time.





The Hydraulic Profiling Toolm (HPT) is a logging tool  that measures  the pressure required to inject

a flow of water  into the soil as the probe is advanced into the  subsurface.

This injection pressure log  is an excellent indicator of formation permeability.   In addition to

measurement  of injection pressure,  the HPT can also be used to measure hydrostatic

pressure under the zero flow condition.    This allows the development of a hydrostatic 

pressure graph for the log and prediction of the  position of the water table.                                                        



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